Crete Academy Core Values

For Crete Academy's Giving Tuesday 2022 Collection, we created pieces that directly tie into the school's mission through Crete's Core Values: Character, Responsibility, Equality, Teachability, and Excellence. Each Core Value is represented in a quote by a historical icon. These quotes are meant to embody each core value, and inspire the students to carry these values in their daily lives.

The Crete core values are embedded in the educational program of the school and designed to develop students’ social/emotional well-being and leadership skills. Crete aims to develop students who are healthy, happy, thoughtful, compassionate and full of gratitude.

Crete students learn to love themselves, the concept of learning and their community. We prepare all students for the real world and ensure they are prepared to lead healthy, productive lifestyles with bright, successful futures.

  • Character: Crete is dedicated to ensuring students have strong character, which means they are honest, trustworthy, have integrity, and a strong sense of perseverance.
    • "Character is power." - Booker T. Washington


  • Responsibility: Crete students will be taught to take responsibility for their actions. Students will learn humility in times of celebration and acceptance in times of failure.
    • "Being Responsible is an enormous privilege." - Barack Obama


  • Equality: Crete students will learn to appreciate and embrace the differences of others, including but not limited to individuals of different ethnic backgrounds, religious faiths, sexual preferences and learning abilities. 
    • "Until we get Equality in education, we won't have an equal society." - Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor


  • Teachability: Crete students will be taught the growth mindset in order to remain life-long learners. This means students will have an understanding that intelligence is not fixed.
    • "Listen; be Teachable." - Mother Teresa 


  • Excellence: Crete students will do all things with excellence, understanding that they are not perfect, but they are always asked to do their best.
    • "Excellence is a habit." - Aristotle